A Conversation on the Strategic Preparation and Management

A Conversation on the Strategic Arranging and Management

Strategic Planning and Management Through The use of Computer Technology

On the wall space of caves near Lascaux, France, Cro-Magnon hunters drew images of the

animals they hunted 35,000 years back. Associated with the creature drawings is certainly a map;

track lines and tallies considered to depict migration routes. These early on records followed the

two-element structure of modern day geographic information devices: a graphic file linked to

an attribute database. The map has been around existence in quite similar form for thousands

of years. In the traditional form it is suffering from many problems. Firstly, maps are

static and therefore difficult and costly to maintain to date. This causes a second

problem, for the reason that because they're static they lose versatility, for example, maps exist as

discrete sheets and inevitably your neighborhood of curiosity lies on the part of four adjacent

sheets. Furthermore maps are often highly complex and may require a specialist to extract the

particular data which are of curiosity. Geographical Information Devices (GIS) can be

thought to be the enhanced, high-tech equal to maps. A person computer generated

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