A Debate Over the Patenting of Life

A Debate Over the Patenting of Life

John Moore was identified as having hairy-cell leukemia in 1976. Under directions from his doctor, Mr.

Moores spleen was removed. Among other activities, Mr. Moore continued to go to his doctor for seven

years following his diagnosis. Of these visits, the physician took tissue samples of bone marrow, skin a

and sperm, which Mr. Moore assumed had been necessary procedures to avoid the reoccurrence of cancer.

After discovering that he previously become patent #4,438,032, John Moore discovered that the doctor was

patenting unique chemical compounds from Mr. Moores bloodstream for a multi-million dollar agreement. Moore sued the

doctor for malpractice and residence theft. The California Supreme courtroom refused to identify that Moore

had property rights over his own physique, however. The physician argued that because Mr. Moore did not

have got the ability to control his own body cells right into a socially useful product, he cannot claim a

right of ownership to these cells. One concession the courtroom did help to make to Mr. Moore was the proper to sue

his doctor for a breach of fiduciary duty and insufficient informed consent.

This matter and others happen to be on the forefront

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