An Evaluation of the Canadian and American Fur Trade on Indigenous People

An Examination of the Canadian and American Fur Trade on Indigenous People

This paper will outline the impacts the Canadian and American Fur Trade had on Indigenous persons and will have a particular give attention to women in many arguments from a feminist point of view. Enough time frame is before confederation and you will be analyzing the way the Europeans imposed their Western traditions onto Indigenous persons and the negative benefits such as the Fur Trade and genocide (physical and cultural). Arguments are made including the imposition of Anglos onto Indigenous persons created new Western ideologies; improvements in sexuality; the functions of Haudenosaunee (Canada) and Diné (America) ladies in matrilineal societies; intermarriage as a tactic to create “one persons”; the modification of matrimony as a union and finally; the objectification of ladies consequently of Western ideologies and turning them into economical assets within the Fur Trade. I have chosen to create about the impacts of the Fur Trade on Indigenous peoples because I consider myself not merely an ally of Indigenous people but likewise an advocate for Indigenous concerns and rights. As a woman who identifies

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