An Introduction to the life span and Literature of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

An Introduction to the life span and Literature of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Gárcia Márquez

Gabriel José García Márquez was created on March 6, 1928 in Aracataca, a area in Northern Colombia, where he grew up by his maternal grandparents in a residence filled with many aunts and the rumors of ghosts. However in order to get an improved grasp on García Márquez's life, it can help to understand something first about both record of Colombia and the unusual background of his friends and family.


Colombia won its independence from Spain in 1810, technically so that it is one of Latin America's oldest democracies, however the sad simple truth is that this "democracy" has rarely referred to peace and justice.

In the beginning, there was of lessons Spain and the Indians, happily hating one another as the Spaniards tore the territory up in search for gold, El Dorado, spiritual converts, and political electricity. The English, too, played their component, with Drake attacking Riohachi in 1568 and a variety of colonial squabbles of another few centuries. Declaring itself independent from Spain when Napoleon ousted the Spanish King in 1810, the brand new country experienced a limited period of freedom and was quickly reconquered in 1815 by the distressing and bloody campaigns of General Murillo. So substantially did their inner bickering allow their fledgling region to fall to the sword of Murillo, the time is immortalized in Colombia's background with the colorful brand of la Patria Boba, or "The Booby Fatherland." Rounded two, however, fell to the Colombians, when Simón Bolívar reliberated the united states in 1820 and started to be its initial president. In 1849, the united states was sufficiently advanced

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