Essay regarding Airbnb innovative director

Task one particular – Individuality and specific differences

Creativity in Airbnb

Airbnb is famous for several factors as a imaginative organisation. To begin with it developed the concept ‘peer-to-peer accommodation', so the base of the organisation is already creative (Guttentag, 2013). Then your company worked out its idea in a personal and relaxing way, which is easily found back in the webpage design. By way of example Airbnb really wants to provide all their guests a social knowledge instead of a search experience on the internet (Kuang, 2012). Next Airbnb distinguishes by itself from similar peer-to-peer holiday accommodation companies by giving professional photos of the houses, taken by their particular team of professional photography lovers. (Airbnb, 2013c). Besides this kind of, co-founder Brian Chesky is even practically living on Airbnb, strictly to discover bad user encounters. (Rapp, 2011). We think this can be a very creative way to have the dissatisfiers of a company. Right now there is not an innovative director inside the company, yet Joe Gabbia, the co-founder of Airbnb, has a similar job. Dr. murphy is the chief item officer, which means he protects the end product, including design and style, inventing fresh ideas to elaborate the product and so forth (Airbnb, 2013d).

Tasks of a creative director

The main task of a imaginative director is to be a point of inspiration also to come up with brilliant ideas (Creativebloq, 2013). More specified jobs of a creative director in Airbnb can be for example; lead designer from the website, thinking and creating new elements for the merchandise (such while the would like list, the neighbourhood section at the website etc . ), understanding the needs and desires of the target group, maximising user encounter, managing team members, carry out the right image of Airbnb, focussing about sustainable expansion ideas and thinking of the options for Airbnb to go cellular (Airbnb, 2013d; Airbnb, 2013e; Creativebloq, 2013).

Type of individuality of the creative director

We believe the new creative...

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