Returning Military with Ptsd: How Does This Disorder Affect the Spouse? Dissertation

Returning soldiers with PTSD: How does this disorder affect the spouse? Cindy L. Giese

Psychology 6400

Megan Tsang, PsyD

March 5, 2012

University in the Rockies



The idea for this exploration proposal should be to find out if spouses are underneath more tension than the returning soldier. PTSD is a growing problem in returning veterans. The value of this matter is to contribute to the exiting analysis on PTSD and the effects on kids, especially the husband and wife of the coming back soldiers. The effect of the coming back again soldiers for the spouse and families will not appear to be having the attention this deserves, because the main target appears to be around the retuning soldier. The method utilized in this pitch is quasi-experimental, because the inhabitants contains an equal amount of men and women. The questions you need to ask can be how prevalent is PTSD for the returning gift, how this expressed, and exactly how does it impact the relatives, especially the husband and wife? The methods that is to be used can be qualitative study and set of questions to conduct this study The participants will signal permission slides stating that give there authorization to release the information for additional studies with this subject. There will also be dianositic forms intended for PTSD for all those returning members from most combat areas and specific zones.


Returning soldiers with PTSD: How does this disorder affect the husband and wife? Introduction

PTSD is a developing problem intended for returning veterans. The importance of this topic should be to contribute to the getting out research in PTSD as well as the effects about families, particularly the spouses in the returning soldiers. The impact from the returning military on the other half and people does not appear to be getting the focus it deserves, since the primary focus seems to be on the retuning soldier. The questions one needs to ask is how widespread is PTSD for the returning soldier, how that expressed, and just how does it effects the family, especially the husband and wife? The purpose for this study is to find out how various military households are affected by the returning jewellry with or without PTSD. There are so many family members affected by PTSD that we do not know. This study will cover the affects on military families and to see how many family members are affected by PTSD. Literature Review

PTSD is a mental disorder that is caused by severer emotional stress (N. A., 2011). Assisting the enthusiast physically and emotionally may be trying on a family (Hayes, Wakefield, Anderson, Scherrer, Traylor, Wiegmann, Demark, & DeSouza, 2010). The tension on the other half can be an over whelming knowledge. Some spouses may knowledge depression or possibly a feeling of loneliness. The purpose just for this study should be to find the whether or not spouses experience larger levels of anxiety if up against a partner who returns home from service with a diagnosis of PTSD compared to these spouses whose loved one return home via service with out a diagnosis of PTSD.

Recent studies have shown that other mental health issues and symptoms might arise in the family members because of their conversation with the going back soldier and family member (Hayes, Wakefield, Anderson, Scherrer, Traylor, Wiegmann, DeMark, & DeSourza, 2010). Hayes, et, 's; 2010; discovered that husband and wife experienced feelings of depressive disorder and thoughts of loneness after coming in contact with a coming back again soldier with PTSD. Researchers want to find the association between the spouse's symptoms surrounding the returning jewellry (Hayes, ou al; 2010). Identifying these issues was the concentrate of the this study done by the VA in Kansas City Missouri.

According to the VA clinic having PTSD does cause other mental health issues, such as depression, stress, and home-based violence (N. A. 2011). Hayes, Wakefield, Andresen, Scherrer, Traylor, Wiegmann, Demark, & DeSouza. 2010 conducted research about the role from the family members for the physical and mental health of returning veterans by Operation Iraqui Freedom and Operation Everlasting...

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