Replicating The Keshe Plasma Electric Electrical generator Essay

TheВ followingВ experimentВ isВ intendedВ toВ proveВ theВ conceptВ ofВ theВ KesheВ PlasmaВ Generator.

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The following experiment was designed by M. Big t.  Keshe Nuclear Physicist and Engineer,  and  is intended to ​

proveВ theВ conceptВ ofВ theВ KesheВ PlasmaВ Generator. В В VideoВ ofВ M. Big t. В KesheВ conductingВ thisВ experimentВ areВ below. В В

Video:  ​

AnimatedВ simulationВ ofВ KesheВ PlasmaВ Generator. В В

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VideoВ ofВ KesheВ conductingВ thisВ experiment: В

Part one:  ​В В

Part two:  ​В В

Replicating ​

Keshe Plasma Electric Generator ​


This experiment is fun easy and safe.   It also defies the laws of physics,  proving that we now have a ​

new branch of physics in the world of science​


WeВ UnderstandВ GravityВ ~В TheВ HolyВ GrailВ ofВ Science. В

ReplicatingВ theВ KesheВ PlasmaВ ElectricВ Generator: В

Parts: В

1 ) В FourВ piecesВ ofВ copperВ wireВ (electrodes). В

2 . В OneВ plasticВ clearВ bottleВ withВ aВ screwВ cap. В

3. В 1/2В cupВ ofВ LemonВ LimeВ soda. В

4. В 1В tsp. В ofВ kohВ­2В (potassiumВ hydroxide)В

5. В 1В tubeВ ofВ clearВ silicone/HotВ Glue. В

six. В 1В multimeter. В

ProcessВ В­В MakingВ theВ plasmaВ reactor: В

в—Џ CutВ 4В holesВ intoВ theВ plasticВ bottle. В В

● Insert the 4 electrodes​

(aВ conductorВ throughВ whichВ electricityВ entersВ orВ leavesВ anВ object)​ В inВ eachВ

openings.  ​

MakeВ sureВ theВ electrodesВ doВ notВ touchВ oneВ another. В в—‹ TheВ electrodesВ areВ notВ touchingВ В­В theyВ areВ independentВ ofВ eachВ other. В В ThisВ createsВ anВ openВ circuitВ thatВ isВ closedВ byВ theВ dynamicВ plasmaВ reaction. В В

● Use Silicone or Hot Glue to seal the holes around the electrodes.   ● Take the 1/2 cup of lemon lime soda and mix it with 1 tsp.  of potassium and allow 10 minutes for the catalyst ​

(a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change) ​

to perform.  ​

ThisВ startsВ theВ hydrogenВ ionisationВ

processВ В­В ThisВ processВ isВ replicatingВ theВ mechanicsВ ofВ anВ entireВ spiralВ armВ galaxy. В в—Џ InsertВ theВ solutionВ (lemonВ limeВ sodaВ & В KOHВ potassium)В inВ theВ bottleВ andВ screwВ theВ capВ on. В В

в—Џ WaitВ 15В­30В min. В

в—Џ TakeВ theВ solutionВ outВ ofВ theВ bottleВ andВ putВ theВ capВ backВ onВ theВ bottle. В в—Џ WaitВ 15В­30В min. В

● From this point forward you can take the voltmeter ​ (set it to measure millivolts)​

areВ readВ anВ

energyВ outputВ fromВ theВ emptyВ bottle. В В

● Take the cap off of the bottle and the energy output will increase because it can then suck in energy from the surroundings ​

(thisВ allВ happensВ onВ aВ microscopicВ atomicВ scaleВ andВ isВ

invisible to the eye)​

.  ​

TheВ dynamicВ plasmaВ reactionВ thatВ replicatesВ theВ mechanicsВ ofВ anВ

entire galaxy completes the circuit between the electrodes in the bottle and produces energy​

. В В ExperimentВ aВ bit, В findВ outВ theВ highestВ outputВ byВ touchingВ theВ differentВ electrodes. В В

Conclusion: В

The creation of electrical energy in the keshe reactor is achieved by simple process of hydrogen ionization*.   More detailed video:  ​В В

(The subtitles of the above video are in its description/about. ) * Ionisation: ​

convertВ anВ atom, В molecule, В orВ substanceВ intoВ anВ ionВ orВ ions, В typicallyВ byВ removingВ oneВ orВ moreВ bad particals. В

Ion: ​

an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.  Corpuscule: ​

a negatively charged ion,  i. elizabeth.,  one that would be attracted to the anode in electrolysis.  The opposite of ​


. В

~InsideВ thisВ bottleВ thereВ areВ fourВ piecesВ ofВ copperВ wireВ (electrodes), В andВ theyВ areВ notВ touchingВ eachВ otherВ В­В theyВ areВ independent. В В ThisВ meansВ thatВ withinВ thisВ bottleВ thereВ isВ anВ openВ circuit. В (LikeВ anВ on/offВ switch, В aВ circuitВ isВ OFFВ whenВ itВ isВ open, В andВ itВ isВ ONВ whenВ theВ circuitВ isВ closed. В On=electricityВ flow, В Off=noВ flow)В В


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