Essay on The Prodigal Boy

The Prodigal Boy

Among the many parables Jesus advised, the parableВ of theВ prodigal son is perhaps the most deeply-felt of all of them. В And who is the prodigal kid? В We face him as he is far from home, destitute and busted, wandering within a heartless universe. It turns out that some time ago, he previously left his home and the father whom loved him. В He experienced traveled to a far-off land, and squandered all that he had in the quest for his individual way in the world and an effort to make him self happy through material accomplishment and pleasures. В Only this didn't work. В The prodigal son shortly found him self hiring him self out as being a day laborer feeding swine. He had sunk to very cheap.

Does this appear familiar? Usually, it seems, you and I are like the prodigal son. You could, in your own life, be attempting to find happiness in career accomplishment, in funds, even in political ideals and social causes. Or, you may be trying to numb your self from the discomfort of lifestyle through consuming, through prescription drugs, or everyday relationships. Nevertheless , instead of getting real pleasure, you may be obtaining yourself at your own rock bottom. В

A Joyful ReunionВ

But the history doesn't have to finish there. В For the prodigal son hardly ever completely forgot who he was and where he had are derived from. В One working day, he awoke from the illusions he had lived under. В He lifted up his sight and, seeing clearly for the first time, resolved to himself, " I will come back to my dad's house. ” With that arising began a journey homeward that ended in the available arms of his holding out father. В How joyful was that reunion! В

What's most remarkable concerning this story is not just that the prodigal son longed for his father, yet that the dad had been daily waiting by open door, anxiously checking the distance for indications of his boy's return. This kind of tells us a thing very important. Nevertheless much we might long for the heavenly Daddy who made us, God longs for people even more. В

God Yearns for Us!

Think about this for a instant: В God misses us. В In fact, He misses us so much,...

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